EQXX: Mercedes-Benz starts stronger: the electric research car crosses the Alps | news

The Vision EQXX drove from the Swabian town of Sindelfingen through the Swiss Alps to Cassis in southern France, the manufacturer announced in Stuttgart on Wednesday.

Daimler board member Markus Schfer said some components and technical details of the car could be seen in production vehicles in two to three years. However, Schfer did not comment in detail on possible future lineups. According to the manufacturer, the Mercedes E-series EQS sedan has a range of a good 780 kilometers.

Schfer, who is the chief technology officer responsible for development and purchasing, said the car consumes an average of 8.7 kilowatt hours (kWh) per 100 kilometers while driving. “Efficiency is the new motto.” The kilowatt hour is the unit of measurement for the energy of an electric car. Most Stromers have capacities between 30 and 60 kWh, larger models up to 100. According to the manufacturer, the Vision EQXX has almost 100 kWh.

According to Schfer, the lack of semiconductors persists. “With regard to semiconductors, the situation remains tense.” In the current year, there will continue to be an “extremely thin supply chain”. The lack of semiconductors and other electronic components is a problem for the entire automotive industry and has already led to production restrictions at several manufacturers.

Via XETRA, Mercedes-Benz shares temporarily rose 0.59% to 63.23 euros.



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