Elon Musk: 14 days after taking over Twitter – “bankruptcy not out of the question”


Elon Musk14 days after Twitter takeover – ‘bankruptcy not out of the question’

The new head of the short message service is said to have gathered all employees for a speech on Thursday afternoon.

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Twitter is said to be in financial trouble.


On Thursday afternoon, new boss Elon Musk gathered all employees for a meeting.

On Thursday afternoon, new boss Elon Musk gathered all employees for a meeting.


Anyone who can come to the office but doesn't will be fired.

Anyone who can come to the office but doesn’t will be fired.


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  • Elon Musk apparently called a meeting with all Twitter employees.

  • Anyone who is physically able to come to the office but doesn’t show up should be fired.

  • Since it is currently unclear whether the company will survive at the current rate, bankruptcy cannot be ruled out.

There has been a lot of buzz on Twitter since Musk took office. The head of Tesla first announced that the number employees from 7500 to 2000 reduce. He later rowed back and announced that he would only strike out every other position and everyone should Employees from the home office return.

At least on the executive floor but apparently many important employees go voluntarily. According to journalist Zoe Schiffer, citing a high-ranking employee of Twitter’s legal department, the person responsible for information security, the data protection officer and the chief compliance officer all reportedly announced their resignations on Wednesday. Yoel Roth, who was Twitter’s head of security and integrity, also left the company on Thursday, according to multiple internal sources.

But it could have gotten worse. Elon Musk is said to have gathered all Twitter employees for a mandatory meeting on Thursday afternoon. According to Schiffer, employees were notified an hour in advance and the new boss then arrived 15 minutes late for the meeting. If you’re physically able to go to one of Twitter’s offices, but you don’t, your resignation will be accepted, according to Musk — so those employees should be fired.

Apparently existence of the company alone in the stake. According to several inside sources, Musk told his employees that Twitter could make billions next year. He’s not currently sure how much of a run rate the company still has — meaning Twitter’s financial future is currently so uncertain that forecasting is impossible. “Bankruptcy cannot be ruled out,” the multibillionaire is said to have told his employees. So, just 14 days after the platform takeover, Twitter’s future seems more uncertain than ever.

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