Eating yogurt every day may reduce the risk

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Many people start their day with a yogurt breakfast. Not only do you do something good for your immune system: sometimes it strengthens the heart.

Proper nutrition and exercise are essential to maintaining health and fitness. Not only can brisk walking add years to your life, some diets also help slow down the aging process. Yogurt is also considered a real fountain of youth and therefore should be on the menu every day. The protein-rich white delicacy not only has an anti-inflammatory effect, but is a real immune system booster. It also strengthens the heart and can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Stroke: Eating yogurt every day may reduce risk

A portion of yogurt every day strengthens the heart and immune system. © tommyandone/IMAGO

In Germany, 200,000 first strokes occur every year, the harbingers of which can be present as early as ten years earlier. However, the condition can be prevented with proper lifestyle and diet. For example, consumption of yogurt may have a positive impact on the risk of stroke. It contains many nutrients that the body needs, which is why it is rightly considered a so-called superfood. In addition to proteins and proteins, it is also equipped with calcium, vitamins and probiotic bacteria.

In 2018 in a professional journal Lancet A study by scientists from McMaster University in the Canadian city of Hamilton showed that yogurt had a clear positive effect on the risk of heart disease and stroke. Accordingly, study participants who ate more than one serving of yogurt per day had a 14 percent lower risk than those who did not eat any yogurt. Lactic acid bacteria bind and metabolize excess salt in food in the gut. This in turn helps regulate blood pressure to a healthy level.

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Yogurt has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the immune system

In addition to the positive effect on the heart, yogurt also has an anti-inflammatory effect thanks to the probiotic lactic acid bacteria and their high content of vitamins B5 and B12. Chronic inflammation in the body can lead to type 2 diabetes, arthritis, or cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of yogurt can even have a healing effect here.

Yogurt also has other benefits for the immune system. Much of the body’s immune system takes place in the gut. Probiotic bacteria keep the harmful putrefactive bacteria that reside in the intestines in check by producing lactic acid. Yogurt with its probiotic bacteria thus ensures a healthy intestinal flora and relief for the adaptive immune system. It is then all the better able to arm itself against viruses and other intruders.

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