Early Fame: Drugs, Hate and Greed – The Carters’ dysfunctional family life


Former glory Drugs, hate and greed – the dysfunctional family life of the Carters

Aaron Carter’s death is one of many tragedies the family has endured. Sister Leslie met a similar fate to her brother in 2012.

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Image from happier days: Bobbie Jean, Leslie, Nick, Angel and Aaron Carter together at a Style Network party in 2006.

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The highs and lows of the family's history were captured in the eight-part reality documentary

The highs and lows of the family’s history were captured in the eight-part reality documentary “House of Carters” in 2006.


They say it was always about the money: mother Jane Carter after her arrest in Florida after she ignored a court order to comment on allegations that her ex-husband's home was vandalized.

They say it was always about the money: mother Jane Carter after her arrest in Florida after she ignored a court order to comment on allegations that her ex-husband’s home was vandalized.

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Nick Carter (42) is sure: It was the drugs and mental state that led to the death of his brother Aaron (34).. The life of the former teenage star was marked by many turbulences. A look into the past shows that other members of the family were also reeling in a maelstrom of resentment, drugs and greed.

While Aaron was nine years old, he started his music career as an opening act Backstreetboys She started, his sister Leslie (b. 1986) also tried her hand at singing and in 1999 signed a recording contract. However, her debut album was never released, but the song “Like Wow” appeared on the Shrek soundtrack in January 2001.

In October 2006, the whole family appeared in the reality show «House of Carters, where Aaron’s twin Angel (34) and the eldest of the Carter sisters Bobbie Jean (40) also played. But it ended after only eight episodes and family problems got worse.

The sister died of a drug overdose

Especially drug problems caused enormous damage to the Carters. Alongside Aaron, his brother Nick struggled with addiction, but eventually found Rank. While Aaron also ventured to try to kick his addiction at a rehab clinic, any help came too late for Sister Leslie. In 2012, she was found dead in her father’s apartment in New York. She suffered a cardiac arrest as a result of the drug cocktail. Leslie’s then 10-month-old daughter, Alyssa Jane, was left behind. The family knew about the then 25-year-old Leslie’s drug addiction. Two weeks before her death, Aaron talked to his sister about wanting to pay for his sister’s hospitalization.

Looking for a scapegoat, he addressed himself the family’s anger now on Nick. He said he did not use success and financial opportunities for the benefit of his family. “I was blamed for Leslie’s death,” Nick told Dr. Phil. The breakup went so far that Nickt didn’t even show up at Leslie’s funeral.

“It was always about the money”

Mutual accusations and mistrust have damaged relations between family members. They also had to deal with the death of their father, Robert Carter, who unexpectedly suffered a heart attack at the age of 65. Aaron, who is mentally challenged, has recently been plagued by heavy feelings of guilt: “I felt responsible for my sister’s death, my father’s death, my family falling apart,” he said in a statement. TV interview on “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition” in 2019.

In the end, however, the blame for the family’s failure rested on mother Jane Carter. Before taking her son Aaron to rehab, she let him down. She wasn’t there for him when he needed her the most. In another TV interview, Aaron clarified that the two brothers in particular served as “cash cows,” as their sisters called them: “Our conversations are always about money,” he said, claiming, “I made between $40,000 and $50,000 on each performance. The money is just gone. My mother has two trailers full of clothes for it.’

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