Duchess Meghan has to accept criticism for her British accent

Because she was imitating a British accent

Duchess Meghan must accept criticism

Duchess Meghan has to deal with a lot of hate. She is currently criticized for her British accent.


Duchess Meghan is criticized for imitating a British accent.

Duchess Meghan, 40, has had to endure criticism time and time again, including on the latest episode of her Spotify podcast ‘Archetypes’. The trigger was a single word spoken by an American with a British accent. This upset some listeners.

British actress and activist Jameela Jamil (36) was Meghan’s guest. She greeted the Duchess of Sussex by saying: “Are you alright honey? Hello.” (to Dt. “Are you okay babe? Hello”) Prince Harry’s wife, 38, then imitated a British accent, turning “Hello” into “Ello.”

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