Duchess Meghan: Bitterly disappointed

Duchess Meghan ‘thought people would be talking non-stop about the revelations’

Three months after the release of the first episode of “Archetypes,” Meghan reportedly panicked, an insider told Us Weekly. The source explained:

Meghan thought the podcast would get a lot more exposure and it people talk nonstop about their guests and revelations I would.

An insider also revealed it Meghan is said to be very unhappy. Then: “She thought this podcast would open up a lot of conversations and that asked her through news channels for more detailed answers I would.”

But it wasn’t like that. Instead “pricked her quotes on ‘Deal or No Deal’ for people the most.” And that’s probably only because Meghan’s accounts of her time as a briefcase girl on “Deal or No Deal” contradicted those of her co-stars. But not only former colleagues opposed their representation, celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg also spoke out and harshly criticized Meghan.

They exist not the kind of reaction Meghan wanted – and that should drive the duchess crazy. Will he win the People’s Choice Award – voted for by the audience – with a lack of enthusiasm? At least that would be a reaction Meghan should probably like…

Source used: My Weekly

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