“Don’t pressure Marco, go to sleep.

(Motorsport-Total.com) – In the last few months, only one tenor has been heard from Alex Marquez about Honda: frustration. Already in the summer, the Spaniard noted that the motorcycle “not fun” drive. When his move from LCR to Gresini-Ducati was completed, he openly admitted that he had “he was no longer motivated”continue with Honda.

After three years, Alex Marquez says goodbye to Honda


Pol Espargaro already stated at the departure that Honda was only with him “Wasted time and money” because almost no technical solutions have been tried with it this year. Neither Espargaro nor Alex Marquez have had any updates for months.

Since Marc Marquez returned from arm surgery in the autumn, the testing program has been in full swing. The chassis, swingarms and new aerodynamic concepts have since been tested on the six-time MotoGP champion.

“The problem is,” Alex Marquez told the Spanish edition of motorsport.com, “that they only put their eggs in the basket when Marc is there and when things are tight. When nobody is pushing and nobody is there who, like Marc, is strong in Honda, then sleeps.”

“That’s the way it is. That’s the reality and you saw it at the end of the season. Many improvements have come. But if Marc and his team don’t tell them what they need, they don’t respond. with aerodynamics, swingarm and many other things.”

Alex Marquez

Alex Marquez does not take good care of his former employer Enlargement

“Like Marc said. It’s a question of organization and hunger. Sometimes it seems like it is.” [bei Honda] not hungry for victory. We are in MotoGP. Everyone wants to win and is getting better every day.”

Honda generally needs to position itself differently

Alex Marquez puts it this way: “The general organization of Honda has to change if they want to take a step forward.” He has shared the same fate as Espargaro in recent months.

There were technical problems that were not resolved. His last Honda race in Valencia was emblematic of the situation. Alex Marquez crashed early on but continued to ride and finished the last lap down after a pit stop.

Alex Marquez

In the factory team, Alex Marquez finished on the podium twice in 2020 Enlargement

“Now I can talk. From the first lap the bike overheated. I don’t know why. Even the engine brake didn’t work properly,” he lists things in Valencia. “The bike is already difficult to ride, but even more so with these problems.

“You couldn’t overtake or attack. It was the last race and I wanted to get into the top 10. I tried but I crashed. I wanted to finish the race for the team. The bike was bad but I wanted a goal.”

Alex Marquez: “I never felt productive at Honda”

As the 2019 Moto2 World Champion, Alex Marquez came to MotoGP in 2020. Honda signed him as a replacement for the retired Jorge Lorenzo. After a season with the factory team, he was traded to LCR to make way for Espargaro.

In those three years with Honda, two second places in his first season were his best results. Alex Marquez finished the World Championship in 14th, 16th and 17th and has four best results this year.

Alex Marquez

Next year, Alex Marquez will ride Ducati in the Gresini team Enlargement

“I didn’t expect anything in the last months, but when I switched to the LCR, I expected something. I never felt productive at Honda. It’s always difficult for a driver to feel useless.”

“There were many months when they were lost without Marco. They didn’t make the most of it. That’s all that can be said. I don’t regret my decision. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time at Honda.” “

“I won Moto3 with Honda. It was always a brand I liked. But now it’s over. You never know what the future will bring, but the present is somewhere else for me.” Alex Marquez was ecstatic after the first day of testing on the Ducati.

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