Donald Trump dances at the wedding of the daughter in love with his wife Melania

Finally no more first lady

Melania and Donald Trump sincerely liked the wedding of their daughter Tiffany

While her husband Donald Trump rages about the US mid-terms, Melania Trump seems more relaxed than in a long time. At her stepdaughter Tiffany’s wedding, the former first lady even danced intimately with her husband.


Donald Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany got married. Her father led the bride to the altar.

Under the scandalous former American president Donald Trump (76), his wife Melania Trump (52) made headlines primarily for her often cold, withdrawn nature, videos and pictures of her slapping her husband’s hand and avoiding his proximity often appeared. . The former first lady seemed absolutely miserable in her role.

So she did not live with Donald Trump in the White House in Washington, but stayed in her apartment in the “Trump Tower” in New York. But while the Republican can’t help but want to run for president again and is taking sharp shots at his own rivals around the midterm elections, his wife Melania’s hiatus from politics is clearly doing him good.

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