Dog pulled behind a wheelchair – rescued by animal welfare

An elderly woman’s dog is taken from her in Birmingham. She tied the animal to her electric cart and pulled it behind her.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • An animal welfare organization cares for an abused dog in Birmingham, England.
  • The animal was dragged along the street by a woman in an electric wheelchair.
  • The video sparked outrage on Twitter.

Not pretty to watch: A video of a woman in an electric wheelchair is making the rounds on Twitter. He’s pulling the dog behind him on a leash – but he’s not on his feet. The animal lies on the ground while the woman simply drags the dog along.

But this agony for the dog ended: animal protectionists from the “Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” tracked the dog down. The organization confirmed to the “Daily Mail” that the dog is in their care.

“Very shocking”

He will also be examined by a veterinarian. A spokesman for the organization described the recordings as “very shocking”.

A passer-by, who filmed the incident in Birmingham, England, addressed the woman on the video: “You hurt the dog. They’re hitting the curb,” she says worriedly as the animal hits the curb.

But the owner is not deterred and just mumbles something unintelligible. The video sparked outrage on social media. “Has this been reported yet? It’s horrible,” writes one user.

Another person writes: «Poor dog. I hope they find the driver and take her dog.’

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