Does an apprenticeship still make sense in the automotive industry?

Are automotive jobs ready for the future? An AGVS expert knows the answer.

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professional trainingDoes an apprenticeship still make sense in the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is changing, but it is still coming up with many innovations – as Auto Zurich showed last week. The automotive industry is making it clear how promising it is and that it offers dream jobs for young people. An AGVS expert knows the details.

Martin’s question to the AGVS team of experts:

Last week I took the opportunity to visit Auto Zürich with my son and admire the cars and rides there – impressive! My son is excited and undeterred by the recent headwinds cars are facing – the key word being the end of internal combustion engines in 2035 – he wants to take up an apprenticeship in the car industry. What possibilities are open to him here?


Of course, we are pleased that your son is interested in an apprenticeship in the automotive industry. As you will have noticed when visiting Auto Zürich, our profession has good prospects and is constantly evolving, as are new cars and their various drive technologies.

As an industry and professional association, AGVS ensures that “Automech” keeps up with these rapid technological developments, be it electromobility or ever-changing assistance systems.

There are currently three basic technical courses for automotive apprentices: EBA automotive assistant (two years), EFZ automotive specialist (three years) and EFZ automotive mechatronics (four years). Two EFZ training courses are available for passenger and commercial vehicles. With these three training options, the skills that vocational schools and training companies must teach are also regularly reviewed and adapted to the needs of the industry so that trainees are always up-to-date on the latest technologies. The necessary know-how is also always in question when it comes to the numerous opportunities for further education and higher vocational training: Thanks to market-oriented training, jobs in cars are fit for the future – regardless of whether they are electric or autonomous.

Market-oriented training makes automotive jobs fit for the future – whether electric or autonomous

Olivier Maeder, AGVS

Since the Education Decree 2018 came into force, basic automotive mechatronics technician training has given you the skills to diagnose, maintain and repair electric, hybrid and alternative drive concepts. Knowledge in the field of driver assistance systems is also trained. And so that future specialists do not have to worry about the increasing number of electric drives, the courses “High Voltage 1” and “High Voltage 2” are part of the basic training for automotive specialists. Young people are informed as soon as possible about the safe use of high voltage technology.

Young people are informed as soon as possible about the safe use of high voltage technology.

Olivier Maeder, AGVS

But the industry is preparing not only for more electric cars in the workshop, without losing sight of the fact that there are still almost three million petrol and 1.3 million diesel cars on Swiss roads, but of course training in the field of customer advice. Here too, as a competent mobility service provider, it is important to know about different drives or the possibility of using a vehicle on a subscription basis instead of purchasing it. Therefore, these skills are also included in the new basic training courses for EFZ retail specialists in after-sales and automotive sales, and from 2023 also in the new basic business training.

A career in the automotive industry offers great prospects with attractive opportunities for development and promotion. In addition, the technical change alone ensures that you will definitely not stand still in our field.

Technical change alone ensures that the automotive industry will definitely not stand still.

Olivier Maeder, AGVS

So your son can look forward to exciting learning. I recommend him and all other interested parties to take the aptitude test for technical professions offered by the AGVS sections. He can thus determine which basic education is most suitable for him before starting an apprenticeship. The website of the association also offers a good overview of the comprehensive range of educational courses. Here you will find all the information, there are also training videos, this should give your son a good overview to decide on the right basic education.

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