Doctor, tantra coach – that’s what happened to the winners

The “Miss Switzerland” election is passé as of 2018. A number of exmisses also prevailed outside the elections.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Since 2018, there has not been a “Miss Switzerland” election.
  • Many of the winners used the election as a springboard in their careers.

As of 2018, the “Miss Switzerland” election is a thing of the past. Many of the beauty queens used the election as a springboard in their careers, while others took less conventional paths. shows what happened to the most beautiful women in Switzerland.

The last “Miss Switzerland” Jastina Doreen Riederer

The last “Miss Switzerland” was elected Jastina Doreen Riederer (24) in 2018. However, she was dismissed before the end of her “year in office”. She was accused of breach of contract and other obligations and was stripped of her title. Riederer denied the allegations.

Jastina has since withdrawn from the public eye and deleted her social media accounts. As found out in October 2019, she completed an internship at a hospital and is newly in love.

Lauriane Sallin lives in Greece

Before Jastina, there was no “Miss Switzerland” for three years. In 2015, Lauriane Sallin (29) from the canton of Friborg was voted the most beautiful woman in Switzerland.

Since then, Lauriane is married to the Greek sculptor Giorgos Palamari and works as an artist. They both live in Greece with their two children.

Beautiful Dr. Laetitia Guarino

Laetitia Guarino (30) from the canton of Vaud won the crown in 2014. Today Dr. Guarino as a doctor at the Inselspital in Bern.

And the beauty also found happiness in love. After breaking up with longtime boyfriend Stefan Iodic (30) in 2021, she is with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dating Omar Haroon.

Dominique Rinderknecht lives in South Africa

Dominique Rinderknecht (33) from Zurich was elected Miss Switzerland in the summer of 2013 – the first with a short haircut.

In recent years, Rinderknecht has established a relationship with model Tamy Glauser (37). Today she loves South African Drew Gage. The two became engaged and Dominique spends most of the year in Cape Town.

Linda Fäh is making a career as a hit star

St.Gallen Linda Fäh (35) took the crown in 2009. Today, however, Fäh is not only pursuing a career as a model: she is a celebrated star.

And everything is running smoothly in my private life too – literally. A 35-year-old woman is pregnant. She and her partner Marc are expecting their first child – a boy!

Amanda Ammann out of the limelight

Amanda Ammann (35) from St.Gallen was voted the most beautiful Swiss woman of 2007. Ammann is not often in the limelight these days. He holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Governance and one in Human Rights, Peacebuilding and Financing Sustainable Development.

Exmiss works as a senior consultant in the field of sustainability and international development cooperation.

Christa Rigozzi has twins

Who doesn’t know her? Christa Rigozzi (39) from Ticino won the Miss Switzerland title in 2006. Today she is one of the most successful presenters and influencers in Switzerland.

The former beauty queen has been in a relationship with her husband Giovanni Marchese for 20 years. She has twins Alissa and Zoe (5) with him.

“Miss Perfect” Fiona Hefti

Fiona Hefti from Zurich was considered “Miss Perfect”. The forty-two-year-old woman was in office in 2004, and at that time she was completing her primary school teacher education.

She then switched to journalism and wrote for “NZZ”. In 2016, the mother of three children trained as a midwife. In 2015, she separated from her husband. Not much is known about the private life of the forty-two-year-old man.

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Bianca Sissing becomes a yoga teacher

Miss Switzerland 2003: Bianca Sissing (43). Half South African, he grew up in Canada and studied psychology there.

After a year in office, she appeared in a musical and began training as a florist. Today he has his own yoga studio in Lucerne. In 2021, she separated from her husband after eleven years of marriage. He has no children.

Mahara McKay is a tantric teacher

Mahara McKay (41) is also from Aargau. In 2000, she was voted the most beautiful Swiss woman.

Half New Zealander worked as a DJ. Now she has turned her back on show business and works as a tantra teacher all over the world. In 2020 she loved a woman, today she is in a relationship with a man.

Melanie Winiger loves a younger man

One of the most famous ex-Missen: In 1996, the then 17-year-old Melanie Winiger won the crown. The forty-three-year-old works as an actress and presenter.

Her love life also caused whispers. Winiger separated from her husband Reto Ardor (40) in September 2021. She was previously married to rapper Stress (45). Singer Campino (60) from “Toten Hosen” and cult bachelor Vujo Gavric (36) also dated the former beauty queen.

Mom Noël (20) is now dating civil servant Timo Todzi (28).

Stéphanie Berger will be a mom again

Most people remember her too: Stéphanie Berger (45) was elected Miss Switzerland in 1995.

After a year in office, she started as a comedian. In the summer of 2022, she became a mother for the second time. She gave up her comedy career during the pandemic and has since been working as a trainer.

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