DNG Motors: the second DeLorean comeback

DeLorean DMC-12 – everyone knows this car. The iconic unvarnished stainless steel gullwing was immortalized in the Back to the Future movie trilogy. Since the spectacular bankruptcy of the company in the 1980s, including the arrest of founder John DeLorean, the small American manufacturer disappeared from the market, and the few surviving DMC-12s are now in the garages of collectors.

Then, suddenly, a sign of life: In June, the DeLorean Motor Company announced its big comeback. With the electric gullwing called the Alpha 5, the cult brand actually wants to find a way back to the future – there should be a limited edition of at least 88 pieces, and even more models are planned.

And now this: With DNG, another manufacturer is announcing a DeLorean comeback. Crazy: DNG stands for DeLorean Next Generation and was founded by Kat DeLorean – the daughter of designer and brand founder John DeLorean, who died in 2005. With the Model-JZD, of which only a few images can be seen so far, another reinterpretation of the legendary DMC is to be created -12 – even with modern design elements such as continuous light strips on the front and back, it is visually much closer to the original than the DMC alpha 5

All that is known about the flat gullwing technology is that it also relies on a purely electric drive. DNG also announced via Instagram that the model will be revealed on September 13. And the company has already announced the planned place of production of the JZD model: It is Detroit, the city in which John DeLorean once began his brilliant career, which eventually ended with a film arrest by the FBI.

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