Disease: Superinfections lead to severe cases in the Lake District

Corona and flu infections cause problems for some people at the same time. One age group in particular is affected.

lake area

According to the county health department, so-called superinfections are currently leading to some very serious illnesses in the Mecklenburg Lakes region. Because people sometimes get infected with the coronavirus and the flu virus at the same time. “It can be pretty hairy,” said health department head Dr. Cornelia Ruhnau in relation to the course of the disease.

Past infection protects for a certain period of time

This combination hits especially hard on old people. Children, adolescents and adults of working age would hardly develop severe courses at present. Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 would still dominate the infection process. Therefore, modified vaccines would protect well. It is extremely gratifying that many people are being strengthened by general practitioners as well. However, anyone who has had a superinfection should wait four to six months before getting vaccinated. After all, the infection that passed protects for a certain period of time.

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The incidence is currently slightly lower. In other regions, however, the numbers would skyrocket again. “I think people are tired and don’t go for testing anymore,” Ruhnau suspected. In order to have an overview, the Ministry of Health would continue to make cuts – including in homes for the elderly or communal hostels. The office examines 50 to 140 swabs per day.

Amt Kleinseenplatte has the highest value

The weekly overview of incidences from the district administration shows that the theoretical value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week was the highest in the Lake District due to 70 coronaviruses per 8,000 inhabitants. Nearly 300 people were infected in Neubrandenburg during the week, more than 100 in Neustrelitz and Waren. Between three and five dozen cases, the number of cases in Demmin and in the offices of Neverin, Penzliner Land and Demmin-Land also rose above 500. In the Feldberg lake region, only eight infections were known in the last week. Three patients with Covid-19 had to be treated in intensive care units in the district on Thursday – just like at the beginning of the week.

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