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Tomorrow’s discount day is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. However, many traders would rather not participate.

Roger Bühler reduces the number of items every year. The toy chain executive Franz Carl Weber does this out of necessity because: “Basically, the margin naturally comes under pressure if you really offer Black Friday across the entire range. That’s very clear.” Very few retailers are fans of Black Friday.

Electronics are most in demand

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According to a Keystone-SDA dealer survey, the most popular items come from the electronics sector. “Experience has shown that electronics are very popular on Black Friday,” said a spokeswoman for the Glatt (ZH) shopping center, for example.

Vendors expect devices such as computers, laptops, screens, headphones, mobile phones, cameras, sports watches and game consoles to be purchased with great pleasure.

A spokeswoman for Microspot and Interdiscount also said: “Due to the combination of Black Friday and the start of the World Cup, we also expect above average demand for TVs.”

Sellers also expect very good sales of toys and children’s supplies – with regard to the first Christmas gifts.

The sale day on November 25 will steal the show, so to speak, from the Christmas business, according to critics. Because before the holidays, customers would be shopping anyway.

Patrick Kessler, executive director of the trade association, says: “It would be good if a day like this was in a weaker phase and not a phase where everyone is already shopping and getting gifts anyway.”

Swiss Post is preparing for a flood of parcels

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Swiss Post sees itself well prepared for Black Friday and the peak parcel season leading up to Christmas. It expects to deliver up to 1.3 million parcels to recipients at peak times. That’s about 60 percent more than an average day.

The Post talks about a Herculean task in the coming weeks. Experience shows that the absolute peak is Tuesday, and this year it probably falls on December 13 or 20.

Swiss Post is deploying more staff to handle the flood of parcels. There are currently about 230 more full-time jobs in logistics than in fall 2021. In addition, roughly 500 temporary employees will be on duty by mid-January.

83 percent want to shop on Black Friday

Customers see things very differently: a survey by the Retail Association shows that Black Friday is becoming more and more popular. According to the association, 83 percent of consumers want to go shopping this year on Bargain Day.

It’s a customer expectation.

Black Friday has taken on a momentum that companies cannot avoid, says Roger Bühler of Franz Carl Weber. He sees it pragmatically: “This is what customers expect. And ultimately, we’re here to fulfill them—and that’s why we do it.” So, a necessary evil? “That’s certainly the case, yes,” says Bühler.

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