Disappointment in the semi-finals of the World Cup – 3:11 – The Swiss golden dream against the Czech Republic burst – sport

  • The Swiss floorball team loses in the semifinals of the world championship against the Czech Republic in Zurich clearly 3:11.
  • She clearly misses the desired dream final against Sweden.
  • From the 13th to the 35th minute, the Czechs retreat from the offensively harmless Swiss from 1:2 to 7:2.

At the home World Cup, Switzerland missed the final for the first time since 1998. In the semi-finals, the Czech Republic proved to be at least one size too big. In front of 12,000 spectators in the packed Swiss Life Arena, coach David Jansson’s men had to concede a 3:11 defeat to the Eastern Europeans. The Czechia is in the finals for the first time since 2004 and will face Sweden on Sunday for the gold from the World Cup.

In the 49th minute, Martin Tokos destroyed the last hopes of the audience dressed in red and white with his goal to make it 8:3. Goalkeeper Patrick Eder left the field in favor of another player in the field, but the Czechs took advantage. After three more hits for the “guests”, the fair was over.

Double double whammy as a mood killer

Until tea at the first break, the signs pointed to an even game. Then the gods of fortune seemed to turn their backs on the Swiss. The first goalkeeper Pascal Meier did not return between the posts – the Swiss goalkeeper already missed the quarter-finals due to stomach problems – then the Czechs became a mood killer in Zurich. Filip Langer (21st) and Jiří Besta (23rd) adjusted from 3:2 to 5:2.

A penalty against Christoph Camenisch started another double whammy after halftime. Filip Forman (33rd) and Adam Hemerka (37th) shocked Jansson’s men and especially the pitiful goalkeeper Eder. Patrick Mendelin’s reaction two minutes later brought at least some hope to the stadium.

Reaction to a false start

Too flawed, too sloppy, underpowered: The Swiss didn’t have their best day in a sold-out house. The minute hand of the clock turned twice at the beginning of the match, when Mikuláš Krbec sent Čech into the lead with the first shot at Meier. However, the Swiss were not impressed:

  • 4th minute: Experienced Christoph Meier is acrobatically gifted, takes a high ball with his chest and sends it baseball-style into the Czech goal for the acclaimed equaliser.
  • 7th minute: No less experienced Mendelin is lurking at the post. Defender Nils Conrad fakes a pass behind the goal, passing Mendelin instead. This one has no problem pushing.

Déjà-vu against Finland?

The Swiss must beat Finland again in the bronze medal match on Sunday (12pm, live on SRF Zwei) if they want to stay home without a medal. This plan worked in the group stage – then they were on top 7-5. Finland proved extremely strong in the semi-final against Sweden (defeated 3-4 on penalties).

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