Dilek falls off a cruise ship – now her son is speaking


search stoppedDilek from Lucerne falls off a cruise ship at night – now her son is speaking

Turkish high society mourns Dilek Ertek. The search for the body has now been called off after a 68-year-old man fell off a boat into the sea in the South Pacific at the end of October. But the investigation into her death is reopened, according to her son: it clears up the rumours.

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Dilek Ertek disappeared in the South Pacific and has been missing ever since.

Facebook/Dilek Ertek

Her son rules out suicide.

Her son rules out suicide.

Facebook/Dilek Ertek

The woman had lived in Lucerne for over 20 years and also had a Swiss passport.

The woman had lived in Lucerne for over 20 years and also had a Swiss passport.

Facebook/Dilek Ertek

It’s about it

  • 68-year-old businesswoman Dilek Ertek fell off a cruise ship and disappeared.

  • Her only son does not believe in suicide. He excludes alcohol and drugs as well as health problems.

  • Since the Swiss woman with Turkish roots lived in Lucerne, her son wants to file a complaint in Lucerne.

  • In Turkey, Dilek Ertek belonged to high society.

On November 5, Dilek Ertek, who belongs to high society in Turkey, would have lived to be 69 years old. The businesswoman, who has lived in Lucerne for over 20 years and has a Swiss passport, wanted to celebrate her birthday with her partner in Tahiti. The journey started at the beginning of October. Ertek and her partner, 71, traveled to the United States and stayed in a caravan in Arizona before boarding the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship bound for Tahiti. A trip that was to be Ertek’s last.

Because on the night of October 24-25 disappeared without a trace: “On the videos, it is recorded that at 1:24 a person who is fighting for survival fell into the sea,” says Ertek’s only son Gökçe Atuk exclusively to 20 Minutes. Curious: Her partner didn’t report the mother missing until 18 hours later, even though the woman didn’t show up for a meal in the ship’s dining room. After learning of his mother’s disappearance, Atuk flew to Tahiti where the ship was docked. He completely rules out suicide. He also doesn’t believe she could have fallen overboard. It was 158 centimeters tall, and the railing that protects passengers from falling is one meter high.

“Data from her cell phone brought to light various evidence. She made a reservation for dinner on October 25, the day she disappeared.’

Gokce Atuk, Sohn von Dilek Ertek

What exactly happened on the ship is now a matter for prosecutors in Tahiti and the Bahamas, who have reopened the investigation after many things initially went wrong, Atuk says. For example, the couple’s cabin was re-rented after the woman’s disappearance, before the police could detail the clues. “Data from her cell phone brought to light various evidence. On the day of her disappearance, she had booked a table for dinner on October 25,” says Atuk, who had a very close relationship with his mother.

Atuk still can’t believe what happened. But he wants the case to be fully resolved. “My mother was always very careful about her appearance and it is not true that her jewelry disappeared on board. She did not take the expensive jewelry with her on this trip, but left it in a safe in the safe. Ertek was the representative and licensee of the luxury jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. in Turkey. Atuk rules out that his mother was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to his statement, she was also not in a bad state of health. She said she did the check three months ago. The presumption of innocence applies to Ertek’s partner. The public prosecutor’s office in Lucerne is not involved in the investigation of Ertek’s disappearance, as no complaint has yet been filed.

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