Did he meet Laura Müller when she was just 16 years old?

Michael Wendler and Laura Muller

Did you meet him at 16?

Rumors are swirling around Michael Wendler and Laura Müller: the two have known each other for much longer than they say.


Have Michael Wendler and Laura Müller known each other for a long time?

The love story of Michael Wendler (50) and Laura Müller (22) is said to have started much earlier than the two previously claimed. Because the pop singer, who recently made headlines mainly for conspiracy theories, and his partner have always claimed that they only met after they came of age. Photos available to the German newspaper “Bild” now prove otherwise. The hit star is shown together with his current girlfriend at the city festival in Stendal (D) on June 10, 2017.

Michael Wendler and Laura Muller

At that time, Michael Wendler was still married to Claudia Norberg (52) – and Laura Müller was only 16 years old. Photographer Roberto Abramowski observed them at the time and said, “She adored Wendler there.” The first picture of the two together was also taken that evening. The newspaper “Bild” speculates whether the numbers were exchanged that evening. However, this is not clear.

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