Despite the entry ban – Djokovic gets a visa to Australia – Sport

Despite the entry ban – Djokovic receives a visa to Australia – Sport – SRF

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According to media reports, the Serb can participate again in Australian Open 2023. He should get a visa.


Novak Djokovic

He should fight for the Grand Slam title again in Australia.

Imago Images/Jason Heidrich

According to media reports, Novak Djokovic may serve again at the Grand Slam in Melbourne. The Serbian will get a visa despite the entry ban issued at the beginning of 2022. Nothing would stand in the way of his pursuit of his tenth title at the Australian Open in January.

Djokovic was still at a loss on Monday evening. “There is nothing official yet. We are waiting,” he said. His lawyers are “talking to the Australian government. I can’t say more now.”

No proof of vaccination is currently required

Djokovic attempted to enter Australia in early 2022 without a coronavirus vaccination. However, his visa was declared invalid. After days of forced quarantine in a deportation hotel and several court hearings in Melbourne, he had to leave the country the day before the start of the Australian Open.

Currently, proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter Australia, but a visa is still required. That infuriates Djokovic Guardian now Immigration Minister Andrew Giles.

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