Despite the colossal bankruptcy of FTX: The star investor continues to make crypto bets

Despite the colossal bankruptcy of FTX

A star investor bets one million on the price of Bitcoin

The collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX crypto exchange rocked the world of digital currencies. However, there are still investors who avoid virtually no risk. Among them Cathie Wood.


Cathie Wood is one of the most famous technology investors in the US.

The crypto world is also going crazy two weeks after the bankruptcy of the FTX platform. Sam Bankman-Fried (30), the failed CEO of the third largest crypto exchange, lost everything in a matter of days. His company FTX is bankrupt. For a long time, he was considered a crypto prodigy. He is now accused of the biggest fraud scandal in the crypto world.

He allegedly robbed his customers of billions. And it put the entire crypto industry in a bad light. Many investors are worried. “People don’t know which platform to trust anymore,” said Adrian Przelozny, CEO of the Independent Reserve crypto exchange, on Bloomberg Television.

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