DeSantis worries Trump and Georgia goes to the runoff


Did he scream? For ex-president Donald Trump (76), the results of the midterm elections are sobering.

Samuel Schumacher, Washington DC

Even Americans, who are generally extremely optimistic, know not to brag the day before the evening. What the majority situation in the US Parliament will be in the next two years is not yet certain. And yet the cheers among the majority Democratic Party supporters at the Tune Inn, a trendy Washington pub near the Capitol, could not be heard in the early morning hours after midterm election day.

The “gigantic red wave” that Donald Trump (76) and his supporters have repeatedly prophesied in recent days has not come true. Joe Biden (79) and his Democrats are most likely to retain their majority in the Senate (US Council of States). And even in the House of Representatives (U.S. National Council), Republicans are likely to come away with only a slim majority.

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