Der FCSG im Cup bei Arbedo-Castione


Improvement after mixed start: FC St.Gallen beats Arbedo-Castione 5-0 to reach cup quarter-finals

FC St.Gallen fulfills the obligatory task: Espen easily overcomes the round of 16 obstacles of Arbedo-Castione. Although they report some initial difficulties, they never risk slipping into cup ignominy in the end. FCSG goalkeeper Lukas Watkowiak never really had to intervene.

3-0 to Espen: goalscorer Emmanuel Latte Lath (right) receives congratulations from Isaac Schmidt (left) and Chadrace Akol.

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FC St.Gallen swept FC Rorschach-Goldach from Espenmoos 15-0 in the first main round of the cup. Anyone expecting a similar show of strength from the Eastern Switzerland side against regional second division side Arbedo-Castione in Ticino on Tuesday night will be rubbing their eyes in wonder after 20 minutes. While Espen was already 4-0 up against Rorschach-Goldach at this point, Gr├╝nweiss hardly had a serious chance to score at the Stadio Comunale in Bellinzona.

Curious 1-0 and Latte Latha’s quick double

After half an hour at the latest, the visitors get up to operating temperature, the 1:0 score seems to be only a matter of time. After 38 minutes, it’s time: Stefano Guidotti gives the visitors the lead. In a rather strange way, as the St.Gallen player is shot by the Arbedo player on a free kick and the leather ends up landing over the line. Four minutes later, Emmanuel Latte Lath made it 2-0 for the visitors. The preliminary decision is made, the advantages of FCSG in terms of fitness, speed and technique are all too clear.

Bold but restrained Ticino

In the second round, the Eastern Swiss left no doubt about the outcome of the game. Latte Lath, Vallci after a corner and Fabrizio Cavegn successively make it 5:0. Arbedo-Castione fought valiantly until the end to hopefully get a consolation goal on the counterattack. Ticino is too limited in terms of play and St.Gallen’s defense is too focused for FCSG cup goalkeeper Lukas Watkowiak to have to make a serious impact.

FC St.Gallen secured quarter-final qualification with a performance that was not outstanding but was always committed and focused.

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