Denise Richards was shot in her car

The former Bond actress burst into tears

Shot of Denise Richards in the car

It was a nightmare ride for Denise Richards: the actress’ car was shot on the way to work.


Denise Richard’s car was shot inside.

Shock for Denise Richards (51): On the way to the shooting of her new movie, a driver went crazy behind her and fired a gun at her while passing, as reported by the American portal TMZ.

The former Bond girl is currently filming “Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace”. In it, she plays a weapons expert. Filming will take place at Popsicle Studios south of downtown Los Angeles. The incident happened while she was driving to the set with her husband Aaron Phypers, 50. According to the insider, Phypers took the wrong exit in the Inglewood neighborhood, which is notorious for street gangs. So he slowed down to read the names of the side streets. Whereupon the man in the back missed Richards and Phypers with a daring maneuver. The man then shot a Ford F-150 Shelby as he drove by. The bullet penetrated the metal to the right of the driver’s side rear fender.

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