Demi Moore and celebrity chef Daniel Humm have reportedly split


After a few monthsDemi Moore and Swiss celebrity chef Daniel Humm have reportedly broken up

After only a few months together, top Aargau chef Daniel Humm and actress Demi Moore broke up. It’s because he’s not on their level.

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Daniel Humm and Demi Moore were still in the audience at the June French Open in Paris.


The two were completely in love and kissed in public.

The two were completely in love and kissed in public.


Their attention was more on each other than on Rafael Nadal (36) and Caspar Ruud (23), who were playing for victory.

Their attention was more on each other than on Rafael Nadal (36) and Caspar Ruud (23), who were playing for victory.


It’s about it

  • Daniel Humm (46) and Demi Moore (60) are officially a couple from April 2022.

  • He shared two pictures of Turtel again and again on social media. They are all gone now. Is it all over yet?

  • According to the insider, the relationship has cooled and the Swiss is not well known to the Hollywood star.

After this Daniel Humm and Demi Moore In early March, the first joint rumors of a love affair began to appear at Paris Fashion Week. Shortly after made their relationship official and have been posting love shots on Instagram ever since. Those have now all disappeared, and the Swiss star chef didn’t seem to be missing from the Hollywood actress’ recent 60th birthday. Is it all over after a few months?

Yes, at least that’s what the insider says «Radar online». As he reveals, the love between the two “went out”. The reason: As a restaurateur, a forty-six-year-old woman is not rich and famous enough for her. Demi wants someone on the same level and lacks the power and influence that her previous Hollywood marriage to Aargau brought. “She only thrives when she’s with someone she considers her equal – Daniel doesn’t,” the source said, adding: “If anything, he’s benefiting from her career and hard-earned fame,” the source added.

Demi Moore wants a billionaire

The actress is struggling to fight her way back into the limelight, saying she is “obsessed” with her social status. The Swiss stand in her way. But she doesn’t seem to be feeling miserable. Quite the contrary: According to the insider, he already has a clear idea of ​​what the new man must bring: “He wants a billionaire.” How much the alleged breakup affects Daniel Humm is unclear. Neither he nor Demi Moore herself have commented on it. He did not respond to a twenty-minute plea about what the relationship really was.

The star chef is already familiar with failed relationships between celebrities. In 2019, he caused a stir with his love life. At the time, he was dating Laurene Powell Jobs, 58, the widow of Steve Jobs. It is not known exactly when the couple broke up. Humm also has three daughters from previous relationships. Demi also has several famous exes: she was married to Ashton Kutcher (44) from 2005 to 2013. She was previously in a relationship with Bruce Willis (67) from 1987 to 2000. Her first husband was Freddy Moore (71), whose surname she still retains today.

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