Death: Friends die in a holiday apartment – just before Halloween

death in mexico

Friends die in a vacation home just before Halloween

Three friends from the US were found dead in their Airbnb while celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico City. The families felt abandoned by the authorities because it was not clear what had happened at first. Autopsy results are now available.


Friends Jordan M., Courtez H. and Kandace F. from the US wanted to celebrate Day of the Dead in Mexico City.

Three friends from America wanted to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Kandace F.* († 28), Jordan M.* († 28) and Courtez H.* († 33) traveled to Mexico City at the end of October and rented an Airbnb. The night before Halloween, Kandace F. was on the phone with her boyfriend, who didn’t show up.

American television station Wavy reported that she felt sick and told her friend that something was wrong. Shortly thereafter, the connection was lost. Her boyfriend tried to reach Kandace F. again – unsuccessfully.

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