Dallas (USA): Crash of planes at air show – crash

Drama at the Dallas Air Show

The video shows a crash between a World War II bomber and a light aircraft

Two planes crashed on Saturday at an air show in the American city of Dallas. There is no information on the condition of the two pilots.


Drama at the air show in the American city of Dallas!

Drama in Dallas (USA): An incident occurred during Saturday’s “Commemorative Air Force Air Show” at Dallas Executive Airport, as reported by several American media. Accordingly, two aircraft, a World War II B-17 bomber and a light aircraft, collided in mid-air and subsequently crashed. The Dallas Fire Department has issued a Level 3 Alert – Aviation Emergency! “It was horrible to watch,” one viewer of the show said on Twitter.

The crash happened early afternoon during the “Wings Over Dallas WWII Airshow,” according to the “Dallas News.” There is no word yet on the condition of the pilots or if there were any injuries from the falling debris. Onlookers reported that the wing simply broke off while flying over the airport. Dallas Police said Dallas Fire and EMS are on the scene.

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