Cuba Gooding Jr. accused of abuse: the star pleads guilty

It’s getting hard for him now…

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. (54) pleaded guilty to “violent contact” in a lengthy criminal case on Wednesday.

The Oscar-winning actor (“Jerry Maguire”) is accused of assaulting three different women in different Manhattan bars in 2018 and 2019. His “rough touching” guilty plea covers just one of the cases.

Cuba Gooding Jr. in court in 2020 with his lawyer Mark J. HellerFoto: picture alliance/AP Photo

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Cuba Gooding Jr. in court in 2020 with his lawyer Mark J. HellerPhoto: photo alliance/AP Photo

ET: This was three years after Gooding was arrested in 2019. The case was repeatedly delayed as his lawyers tried to reduce or drop the charges.

He is specifically accused of this

Gooding was arrested in June 2019 after a 29-year-old woman called police. Gooding allegedly clutched his chest at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge near Times Square without his consent.

2019: Cuba Gooding Jr.'s handcuffs are removed in courtFoto: picture alliance/AP Photo

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2019: Cuba Gooding Jr.’s handcuffs are removed in courtPhoto: photo alliance/AP Photo

A few months later, he was charged with two more counts of pinching a waitress at TAO Downtown after making a sexually suggestive remark to her.

He also allegedly violently and inappropriately touched a woman in the New York nightclub “LAVO”. Both took place in 2018.

► Gooding has now pleaded guilty to the allegation at the “LAVO” nightclub.

The chances of an acquittal in the other two cases don’t look good – at least when you look at the dock. For the prosecution apparently succeeded in persuading two other witnesses to give future statements, which were also allegedly misused by Gooding. So far, their cases have not been brought to court.

Gooding also allegedly raped a woman in 2013. He also faces this trial in separate proceedings.

A total of 30 women have accused the actor of sexual misconduct…

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