Cristiano Ronaldo shoots against Manchester United: “He betrayed me”

Let his rage run wild in conversation: Cristiano Ronaldo.Image:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United has turned out to be a disappointment for all parties. Now the Portuguese fired sharply against the club and the coach in an interview.

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When Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester 12 years after joining Real, he was welcomed with open arms. Manchester United and its fans have celebrated the return of their great hero who fired eight goals into the Champions League in 2007/08.

But nothing that the club, players and fans hoped for after the transfer from Juventus back to the “Red Devils” happened. The dream of building on earlier successes with the Portuguese turned into a nightmare. Now the 37-year-old reckons with his club and those in charge in an interview with Piers Morgan onTalkTV” and talks about “the hardest phase of my life”.

“I don’t respect him.

Ronaldo on Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag.

“I feel betrayed by the club,” Ronaldo says. “Some people don’t want me here. It’s not just coach Erik ten Hag, but also “two or three other people who are in charge at the club”. Ronaldo doesn’t have much positive about the Dutch coach: “I don’t respect him because he doesn’t respect me. If I’m not treated with respect, I won’t show respect to the other person either.”

There is a cold mood between Ronaldo and coach ten Hag.

There is a cold mood between Ronaldo and coach ten Hag.Image: imago

Ronaldo, who was in the starting line-up for most of last season and scored 24 goals in 38 appearances, has been on the bench a lot this season. That should be one of the reasons why the relationship between him and that Hag isn’t the best. But it’s not just the ten Hags who will feel Ronald’s displeasure.

“If you’re not even a coach, how do you want to coach Manchester United?”

Cristiano Ronaldo on Ralf Rangnick

Already last season, the striker had the feeling that he was unwanted. Ralf Rangnick, who stepped in as interim manager after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked in December 2021, should never have been given the job, says Ronaldo. “If you’re not even a coach, how do you want to coach Manchester United?” Rangnick had not previously been active as a coach for ten years. Ronaldo added: “I’ve never heard of him before.”

“The club has not developed for years.

Cristiano Ronaldo

However, Ronaldo criticized the entire club in the 90-minute interview. He has been in place since leaving Manchester in 2009. “There was zero progress. I haven’t seen any development at the club since Sir Alex Ferguson left. Nothing has changed.” Not even the training facilities – be it the pool, the gym or the kitchen – not even in terms of technology. “The club is not on the path it should be.” The legendary coach Ferguson, who coached Manchester United from 1986 to 2013, that he knows better than anyone. “People who can’t see problems don’t want to see them. You’re blind.”

After finishing sixth last season, United are currently fifth. For Manchester City, Arsenal, Newcastle and Tottenham. It shouldn’t be, says Ronaldo. “A club of this size should be at the top. But unfortunately not.” This is due to certain things at the club that prevent the club from being at the same level as Manchester City, Liverpool or currently Arsenal. This is frustrating for the 193-time international. Because: “I want the best for the club.” That’s why returned when Ferguson contacted him and told him he couldn’t go to city rivals City. “I love Manchester United and I love the fans. You’re always on my side.” But the club needs to change a few things to get back on the road to success.

Ronaldo also accused Manchester United of not supporting him enough when his three-month-old daughter had to be hospitalized in the summer. Ronaldo was unable to return in time for the start of training as he preferred to stay with his family. But some officials questioned his motives. This hurt Ronaldo, who lost his son in childbirth with his partner Georgina Rodriguez in the spring. So the bar between Ronaldo and the management of the Premier League club seems to have finally been cut.

The timing of the interview seems to have been carefully chosen. This week, Ronaldo is traveling with Portugal to the World Cup in Qatar. There are two more games scheduled in England before the January transfer window, but Ronaldo could then leave the club. Already in the summer, he expressed a clear desire for a change, but United did not fulfill this. Therefore, a satisfactory offer did not come. Due to open criticism, the club’s motivation to find a solution should have increased significantly.

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