Court Limited Iberia on the A350: The dark side of the big overhead bins

The cabin crew of the Spanish airline complained that the overhead lockers of the Airbus A350 were too difficult to close. This now has consequences.

Larger carry-on luggage space – this is how aircraft manufacturers advertise their new cabin designs. Because it is increasingly important for travelers to take as much luggage as possible on board. First, because more and more airlines are charging you to take checked baggage with you. On the other hand, many travelers, especially after last summer, are afraid of getting lost.

Large luggage compartments have the advantage for airlines that the boarding process is not delayed indefinitely, as passengers have to search for a place for their suitcases for a long time. But there is a problem that Iberia crews have now also pointed out: more hand luggage space means more weight due to hand luggage. And depending on the design of the compartments, it can be physically demanding for the crew.

New items are required

Specifically, the flight attendants complain about the luggage spaces in the Airbus A350. Each space can accommodate five large carry-on suitcases. The compartments are cantilevered and the full weight of the compartment and contents must be pressed against the ceiling to close. Depending on the ticket, Iberia allows hand luggage from 10 to 14 kilograms.

The union therefore tried to get a court order that staff no longer had to close the bins. Or that the airline is installing new and smaller overhead bins that don’t require you to push your weight up while leaning over the passenger.

Check hand luggage thoroughly

The court refused. Claims are not enforceable. But she ordered that the airline must in future monitor how much hand luggage passengers take on board.

Iberia currently does not have a process for tracking the weight of each piece of hand luggage brought on board, so the actual weight of each compartment may well exceed the stated maximum, according to Paddle Your Own Kanoo.

Two people close under certain conditions

In addition, the airline must follow another rule if there are crew members shorter than 1.63 meters on board: then they must ensure that two crew members close the space to each other to minimize the risk of injury.

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