Corona warning sign: Heavy sweating and perspiration

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Omicron infection with Covid can manifest itself in various symptoms. Profuse sweating with night sweats is typical.

Sea Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Omicron variant BA.5 has been the main cause of coronavirus infection since mid-June 2022. Symptoms in the acute phase of the disease range from specific symptoms such as fever, body aches and cough to more non-specific ones such as diarrhea and loss of taste and smell. Many sufferers report sweating, especially night sweats. Anyone who, after more than four weeks of coronavirus infection, notices signs of great exhaustion, fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches and impaired concentration, may suffer from Long Covid or Post Covid – more and more adults, but also children are affected by long – long-term effects of Corona .

Corona: Sweating and profuse sweating are symptoms

There are more and more corona cases reporting heavy sweating and perspiration. (Iconic image) © Josep Suria/Imago

Now there are various symptoms of Covid, such as discoloration of the toes and hands, which initially prevent sufferers from thinking about a corona infection. In addition to sore throat, headache and shortness of breath, Omikron BA.5 is also manifested by deep exhaustion and tiredness to the point of fatigue. Even skin problems with rash and itching, as well as blue colored lips can indicate coronary disease.

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What doctors and experts are reporting: There is an increase in reported cases of profuse sweating, sweating and night sweats, especially after omicron infection – so severe that clothes and bedding are directly soaked with sweat. Anyone who notices such symptoms, possibly associated with other symptoms, should consider the risk of corona infection and consult a doctor or have a corona test performed.

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