Confirmed: “Love Island” – Kathi and Domenik are a couple

Love Island always has a happy ending for Domenik Forster and Katharina Neher. The Saarlander and the Cologne native both flirted last year – but Kathi in the spring of 2021, Domenik a few months later in the fall. However, they couldn’t find their matching cover on Love Island – but now the shared “Love Island” past has seemingly brought them together: The two are a couple.

The 25-year-old and his sweetheart have now confirmed it in their respective relationships instagram-Stories. Fans had long suspected there was more than a friendship between them – as the duo had been spotted intimately together on numerous occasions. As part of a Q&A, a follower therefore asked if Kathi and Domenik are together. The two didn’t give a clear answer – but the joint photo and emojis speak for themselves. Kathi leans against the bearded man and smiles happily at him. Domenik shared, among other things, a burning heart emoji.

Will the two show more of themselves and their relationship? For now, they have not given more details about their love life. A joint television appearance should also be questionable. After all, the business administration student has the opposite celebrity flash points out that he’s had enough of TV appearances. “I’m going to get away from TV first”he noted.

‘Love Island’ contestant Kathi after moving in
Catherine Neher

Instagram / domenik_forster

Domenik, “Love Island” – Candidate 2021

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