Colorado Springs, USA: Gunman, 22, known to police – ‘I hope you burn in hell for this’


Colorado Springs, USASchütze (22) is known to the police – “I hope you burn in hell for this”

The 22-year-old who killed five people and injured several others at an LGBTIQ+ club on Sunday night has been targeted several times by authorities.

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A rampage broke out in Colorado Springs on Sunday night.


Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is suspected of killing at least five people and injuring 25 others at the Q Club.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is suspected of killing at least five people and injuring 25 others at the Q Club.


Club Q is a popular nightclub for the gay, lesbian and trans community.

Club Q is a popular nightclub for the gay, lesbian and trans community.


Shots fired at Club Q, a nightclub in an American city popular with the gay, lesbian and trans community Colorado Springs, five people were killed and 25 injured. Several injured clubgoers have life-threatening injuries.

Shortly before midnight, a man entered the club with a gun and immediately began shooting. He was overwhelmed by at least two “heroic” guests and is in hospital with injuries, police said Sunday.

The suspected shooter has been identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich. The twenty-two-year-old man is a resident of the city, writes the newspaper “Washington Post”. Last year he was accused of making a bomb threat in a neighborhood very close to the club.

The perpetrator was known to the police

The last time Aldrich was arrested by the police was in mid-June, when he threatened his mother with a homemade bomb and other weapons. The Washington Post writes that the police then drove out and ordered the evacuation of the entire neighborhood.

Aldrich was subsequently charged with several misdemeanors. Including serious threats and kidnapping. It is unclear if any requirements have been made to prevent the 22-year-old from obtaining firearms. As of 2019, this is made possible by the “Red Flag” law. Judges have the power to order the confiscation of firearms from people with mental illness or a history of violence.

“I Hope You’re Burning in Hell”

Shortly before the shots were fired, drag queen “Del Lusional” appeared. “I didn’t see anything. I was on my way backstage when I heard the shots. But I saw the aftermath and I didn’t want to look even then,” the drag queen wrote on Twitter.

The artist continued: “It’s not real. Walking through the bar I call home and seeing it like this… I was so proud of what I accomplished tonight. I hate it.” In his latest tweet, he posted that he lost his brother to the murder. “I hope you burn in hell for this,” Del Lusional writes.

Another eyewitness states the opposite “Colorado Public Radio” that one of the victims ran to a nearby gas station. “One of the victims was shot seven times and ran here for help. He then collapsed,” a witness told the radio.

British portal “The Independent” writes that police spokeswoman Pam Castro stressed at a press conference early this morning that the investigation into the crime is still in its early stages and that no motive is yet known. She also added that the number of dead and injured may change “during the investigation”. The FBI was called in to investigate.

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