Cleopatra’s tomb may have been discovered

Images released by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities show the tunnel. The “Daily Mail” writes that it stretches for about 1.4 kilometers. It is said to be two meters high and is modeled after the Eupalinos tunnel on the Greek island of Samos. It is considered one of the most important engineering achievements of antiquity. Next to the tunnel, the research team also uncovered several important artifacts, including coins bearing the images and names of Queen Cleopatra and Alexander the Great.

Kathleen Martínez has been convinced for years that Cleopatra is buried with her husband Mark Antony in the Temple of Taposiris Magna. “This is an ideal place for Cleopatra’s tomb,” said the archaeologist “Key to Legacy”. She was given two months by the Supreme Council of Antiquities to investigate a temple near the Egyptian city of Alexandria and prove her theory.

The team’s biggest find so far was the cemetery outside the temple. Martínez already sees this as evidence that a royal burial site is located in this area. Nevertheless, the archaeologist estimates the chances to be small. There is a one percent chance that Cleopatra’s tomb will actually be discovered there. “But if this is indeed the case, then it will be the most important discovery of the 21st century.” Cleopatra is often referred to as the world’s first celebrity.

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