Clark suggests code-sharing: Emirates wants to bring Lufthansa guests to Australia

The Dubai airline is taking a surprisingly cooperative tone towards Lufthansa. Emirates president Clark comes up with the idea of ​​a codeshare deal.

Emirates president Tim Clark is keen to push for more flight rights in Germany. Because airlines from the United Arab Emirates can only choose four German destination airports based on bilateral agreements. In the case of Emirates, these are Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg – but the airline would also like to come to Berlin.

With a corresponding attempt at Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Clark failed last summer at the ILA air show in Berlin. He then identified Lufthansa’s lobbying work as the biggest obstacle for his airline in Germany.

Clark is referring to code sharing

However, at the congress in Berlin organized by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the President of the Emirates struck a different tone. He set up a codeshare agreement with Lufthansa, according to the newspaper, under which Emirates and the German airline could offer each other flights under the airline’s own code.

Clark referred to “gaps in Lufthansa’s route network”, for example in the direction to Australia, which Lufthansa does not control. The President of Emirates also mentioned a possible connection between Berlin and Dubai using shared codes. His airline already has codeshare agreements with Lufthansa’s Star Alliance partners, including United Airlines and Air Canada.

Lufthansa seems to be quite open minded

Lufthansa doesn’t look completely averse. The spokesman referred to other partnerships, such as towards Australia with Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific. “However, we are happy for any further interest,” said a spokesman for the German airline. “However, any code-sharing partnership we enter into must offer benefits to both parties.”

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