BtSY2 virus: researchers warn! A new killer corona-like virus has been discovered in bats

Scientists have discovered viruses in Chinese bats that can infect humans. Among them is a pathogen that is related to the coronavirus and could be highly pathogenic. Recently, scientists discovered that hungry bats can transmit more viruses. In general, mammals can even carry several of these pathogens and also transmit them to humans. This also … Read more

Cancer treatment: game break for POLΘ – DocCheck

Blocking DNA repair mechanisms of mutated cells: a successful approach in cancer therapy. To do this, you need to identify the weak points of these mechanisms. Scientists have now succeeded in doing this for BRCA1-mutated cancer cells. A key marker for breast and ovarian cancer is BRCA1, a protein that plays an important role in … Read more

The father of the family (47) dies after catching a cold – Lower Austria

Myocarditis claimed the life of a 47-year-old man from Klosterneuburg. A well-known roofer has not recovered from a cold. It was the end of the summer of 2022, when the well-known roofer and plumber Wolfgang Kojetinský (47), affectionately called “Bunk” by friends and acquaintances, caught a cold. However, the conscientious businessman from Klosterneuburg (Tulln district) … Read more

t3n – digital pioneers | Digital Business Magazine

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Corona vaccine patch: Eleven times more effective than the injection?

They are said to be more effective against new corona variants than classic vaccinations: vaccination patches. Now Australian scientists have found this out. The coronavirus pandemic is still a major global problem. Scientists continue to look for ways to stop the pandemic. For example, antibodies have recently been discovered that are said to work against … Read more

You should have these medicines at home

Home page Deutschland Created by: 26/11/2022, 4:55 Out: Johannes Nuss Partition After the coronavirus pandemic with protective measures, a new corona wave is now on the horizon – and: Flu in the fall. Which medicines help? Berlin – After two and a half years of protective measures as part of the coronavirus pandemic in Germany, … Read more

Red cabbage – Heilpraxis offers these health benefits

Red cabbage is an extremely healthy side dish Red cabbage brings a number of health benefits. For example, it protects against cardiovascular diseasesstrengthens the immune system, supports a weight loss and is good for the intestines. Like cabbage, red cabbage contains Savoy cabbage only low in caloriesbut a high amount Vitamin C. Cabbage is also … Read more

This is why kissing can cause serious allergic reactions

BuzzFeed News Created by: 26/11/2022 4:57 Partition Although rare, kissing can cause severe allergic reactions in some people with food allergies. This shows the “kiss of death” of this young woman. After 27-year-old Janelle Gonzalez, already in bed, said goodbye to her date after a pleasant evening at home, she noticed that her lips and … Read more

A mattress with a thermosystem supports restful sleep

Active heating and cooling surfaces November 25, 2022 20:22 Robert Klatt Mattresses with active heating and cooling surfaces )nitsuA ta saxeT for ytisrevinU ehT ,gnireenignE for loohcS llerkcoC ,gnireenignE lacidemoiB for tnemtrapeDnehcälflhüK dnu -emräW nevitka tim eztartaM(Photo: © One Mattresses with active heating and cooling surfaces supports natural human biorhythmwhich lowers the body’s internal temperature … Read more

Slacklining in the mountains of Kazakhstan

If there’s one thing you didn’t expect to be confronted with today, it’s a new project from John Roose: A 500 meter long slackline between two mountains, above the bottom of what was once the ocean. Introducing Bozzhyra in Kazakhstan! An Estonian slackliner embarks on an adventure that takes him to the western border of … Read more