Canepa raises the alarm, the stadium in Zurich will not come until 2029

The head of FCZ Canepa sounds the alarm

“Zurich’s new stadium won’t arrive until 2029”

In the matchbook of FCZ’s home game against Servette, Zürich boss Ancillo Canepa questions the democratic processes surrounding the planned construction of a new stadium at the Hardturm site.


This is what it should look like in the Hardturm area one day: But FCZ President Ancillo Canepa does not expect to move into the Credit Suisse Arena before 2029.


Matyáš DubachSports reporter

How much the theme of the stadium gets into Ancillo Canepa’s kidneys is shown by the length of his text. The president of the FCZ writes a foreword to the match booklet of the Servette game, which is spread over three pages. Under the name “Land of Preventers”, Canepa is sounding the alarm about the new Hardturm Arena.

“Realistically, the stadium will not be ready for occupation until 2029,” writes the club boss due to the many objections that repeatedly go through three court instances despite four referendums won.

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