Cancellation of the concert during the end of year celebrations: concerns about Daniel Barenboim – culture

After the break, things went no further: the director of the State Opera, Matthias Schulz, informed the visitors on Wednesday evening that the concert at the Staatskapelle, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, could not be preceded. The 79-year-old conductor suffers from circulatory problems.

Barenboim is on duty 24 hours a day during the State Opera’s traditional Easter festivities. He performs as a pianist, conducts operas and concerts with the Staatskapelle and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

After the performance with Martha Argerich, the evening ends prematurely

A feat that was obviously too much for the general musical director of the State Opera. In the first half of the concert, Barenboim and his orchestra accompanied Cecilia Bartoli, and Barenboim also performed Mozart’s Concerto for Two Pianos in E flat major K. 365 with Martha Argerich. It was a celebrity date. Daniel Barenboim wanted to conduct Mozart’s da Ponte operas at the Staatsoper festival. But nothing will come of it now.

As the State Opera announced Thursday, Barenboim is receiving medical attention. “He is currently recovering, but as a precaution, his doctors have recommended that he cancel his performances scheduled until April 22, 2022,” the statement read. Meanwhile, the performances of the end of year celebrations continue: Giuseppe Mentuccia and Thomas Guggeis take over the Mozartian direction of Barenboim.

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