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This information is known about the upcoming launch of Ceres-1:

Another start time window for Ceres-1 is currently Wednesday, November 16, 2022. The rocket is scheduled to lift off between 06:11 and 06:58 exactly.

Position: Current T-0 has been confirmed by official or reliable sources.

Trigger service provider Ceres-1 Yippee Galactic energy. This is a commercial service provider.

Above this link you can use Google Maps to see where the rocket is currently and waiting to launch. The place is Jiuquan, People’s Republic of China, more precisely: Unknown Pad. So far, a total of 175 flights have taken off from here. The specific site currently has a total of 6 successful launches. Find out more information about the place here.

Here’s what we know about the “Jilin-1 High Resolution 03D-08, 51 to 54” mission:

The Ceres-1 flight is a geoscience survey flight.

5 new Earth observation satellites for the Jilin-1 commercial Earth observation satellite constellation.

Ceres-1 begins its mission in sun synchronous orbit. A sun-synchronous orbit is an orbit around a planet whose orbital plane experiences the same change in rotation as the planet orbiting the Sun. Sun-synchronous orbit is primarily used for meteorological, reconnaissance, research and solar observation satellites.

All information about Ceres-1 | Jilin-1 high definition 03D-08, 51 to 54 at the first sight:

rocket Ceres-1
Full name Ceres-1
start the service provider Galactic energy
Mission Name Jilin-1 high definition 03D-08, 51 to 54
Mission type Geoscientific survey flight
Startup time 11/16/2022
Circulate sun synchronous orbit
Position ready to go
Land CHN
Location Jiuquan, People’s Republic of China

The last time this information was updated is 11/12/2022at 01:28.

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