Brazil and Guatemala: ZIKA cases

ZIKA cases in Brazil and Guatemala


According to PAHO data, the total number of ZIKA cases in Brazil (suspected and confirmed) is approaching 30,000 as of September 24, 2022. The cumulative incidence is 13.61/100,000 population.


As of October 22, 2022, a total of 1,617 cases of ZIKA have been registered in Guatemala. Here the cumulative incidence is 8.86.

Zika is a disease caused by the Zika virus, which is transmitted primarily through mosquito bites. However, Zika can also be transmitted through sex.

Many people infected with the Zika virus have no symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they are usually mild and include fever, rash, headache, joint and muscle pain. Symptoms usually last a few days to a week.

Zika can be passed from a pregnant person to the fetus. Infection during pregnancy can cause certain birth defects. There is currently no vaccine to prevent Zika and no medicine to treat it. Therefore, consistent mosquito repellent is recommended in Zika areas.

Zika transmission.

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