Bound And Buried Alive – A Woman Saves Herself


USABound and buried alive – a wounded woman is saved

The husband tied up the woman, stabbed her in the chest and buried her alive in the woods near her home. Thanks to her smart watch, she was able to alert the police.

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Security camera footage shows the moment the man kidnapped the woman.

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He allegedly tied up, wounded and buried his wife alive in Washington state.  She managed to escape.

He allegedly tied up, wounded and buried his wife alive in Washington state. She managed to escape.

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Chae Kyong, 53, was later arrested.

Chae Kyong, 53, was later arrested.

Lacey Police Department

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  • An ex-soldier tried to kill his wife in the United States.

  • He tied her up and buried her alive in a wooded area.

  • Before that, the woman was able to make an emergency call – to no avail.

  • Only later did she manage to extricate herself from the situation.

  • A fifty-three-year-old man was detained by the police.

A shocking case in the USA: A 42-year-old woman can be heard on an emergency call desperately calling for help. Loud screams can be heard after she was handcuffed and gagged by her 53-year-old husband. The call, which lasted about seven minutes, was made using a Apple Watch.

Authorities mobile data usedto find the exact address, but when officers arrived, the house was empty and the garage door open, according to the police report. According to a report by The Daily Beast, a man smashed an Apple Watch with a hammer. He then stabbed his wife in the chest and dumped her in a 20-inch-deep grave near her home in Lacey, Washington.


She later said she tried to keep the ground out of her face as much as possible. She managed to get a small cavity around her face. Still, she was having trouble breathing. In addition, she was also drugged. There was also a tree trunk on it. Several hours passed before the 42-year-old woman was able to fight her way out of the situation. She managed to climb out of the grave and escape the forest. Half an hour later she knocked on a nearby front door. When the police arrived, she said, “My husband wants to kill me. He is still in the forest. Please help me!”

He is a former soldier

The 53-year-old was arrested on October 17 – one day after the incident. The couple, who have two children, were in the process of divorcing. Her husband is a veteran of military intelligence and was furious that he might have to give her part of his pension. According to the woman, the man repeatedly threatened to kill her. But she never thought he would do that, she told police.

He is now charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree assault and felony harassment with death threats. According to The “Daily Beast” did not comment on the allegations.

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