Boss Kherson’s († 45) car full of bullet holes

Kirill Stremoussow (d. 45), deputy governor of Kherson, died in an accident during the Ukrainian war, according to a Russian account. But his car has bullet holes.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • The deputy governor of Kherson died in an accident just before the retreat of the Russians.
  • Now, however, a crashed car with bullet holes has reportedly been found.
  • Kirill Stremoussow († 45) was employed by Moscow in the region.

Less than a week ago, the Russians announced their withdrawal from Kherson in southern Ukraine. Shortly before, the Kremlin reported that Deputy Governor Kirill Stremoussow († 45), who was employed there, was said to be dead.

His departure raised questions. According to a video message from crew chief Volodymyr Salda, he died in a traffic accident last Wednesday. There were no details, but the driver, Stremoussow, is said to have survived the mysterious accident unharmed.

Ukrainian military car found with bullet holes

New images of the crashed vehicle have now appeared on Twitter. Mostly shared by Ukrainian sources, their authenticity cannot be independently confirmed. Nevertheless, they raise doubts about the accidental death of Stremoussow.

Pictures from the Ukrainian war clearly show that the heavily damaged vehicle has numerous bullet holes.

Last week, there were suspicions from various quarters that the accident was staged. So they probably wanted to make the collaborator disappear before withdrawing from Kherson. The car found now could confirm this theory.

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