Black Friday: High inflation leads to spending


discount battleIs inflation making the Black Friday shopping spree worse?

According to the study, young people suffer the most from inflation. As a result, you risk going on a Black Friday spending spree. A psychologist will advise you how to prevent this.

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In a Swiss study, more than half of 15- to 34-year-olds said inflation is forcing them to look for bargains more and more.

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“Inflation affects everyone,” says Julian Zrotz, CEO of Patoc, the company behind


According to Zrotz, Black Friday should therefore be particularly important for many.

According to Zrotz, Black Friday should therefore be particularly important for many.


It’s about it

  • Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday – now one discount battle after another.

  • With inflation so high, the temptation to overspend is great.

  • A psychologist says that if you don’t expose yourself to Black Friday, you can avoid it.

People in Switzerland are so worried about inflation that they are now looking for cheap deals black Friday hope. This is indicated by a study by According to this, 42 percent of the Swiss are increasingly buying bargains or moving their purchases abroad.

Action days start around November 11 Singles dayNovember 25th is Black Friday and November 28th is Cyber ​​Monday. Calm is expected on November 29 Giving Tuesday stop by before the Christmas season kicks off again with big retail discounts.

Young people go to negotiate

More than a third of all respondents said they now pay more attention to actions. According to the study, boys suffer the most Inflation. More than half of 15- to 34-year-olds said they are now more likely to wait for bargains.

Eleven percent of young people now increasingly shop in cheaper countries abroad. of strong francs support this according to the study. However, 70 percent of people over 35 would not change their shopping behavior. One in three pays attention to discounts, but this generation does not go shopping abroad more often.

“Inflation Affects Everyone”

According to the study, even well-earners react to inflation: a third of households with an income of more than 9,000 francs a month now pay more attention to events or shop more abroad.

“Inflation affects everyone,” says Julian Zrotz, CEO of Patoc, the company behind Singles’ Day (see box) and Black Friday are therefore likely to be particularly important to many.

November 11 is singles day

Singles Day originated in China, where the number eleven symbolizes luck. Therefore, there are often eleven percent discounts on November 11. On Singles Day, people in Switzerland mainly buy goods that are otherwise rarely cheaper, such as Apple laptops or game consoles. Perfumes, erotic products and mobile phone subscriptions are also popular. expects the Swiss online retailer to generate around 70 million francs on Singles Day, which is five million francs more than the previous year.

According to the study, more than half of French people now shop abroad more often or attend events more often. For two-thirds in German-speaking Switzerland, on the other hand, nothing has changed.

This way you will avoid shopping fever

Discounts can send customers into a shopping spree that they later regret. Christian Fichter, business psychologist and head of research at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, has a recipe for this: “Ask yourself what your partner would say if you brought home a new item. If you expect praise, the purchase should be justified – otherwise, probably not.»

Fichter recommends actively raising awareness that you might be spending too much on Black Friday. This is the first step to careful shopping. Otherwise, as always, “Buy only what you need.” Those who do not even expose themselves to the magic of Black Friday consume more consciously.

For more tips on how to stave off the Black Friday shopping spree, click here this article.

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