“Bet, huh..?” no Swiss candidates or acts

Although the SRF pays around 100,000 francs

Hunziker is the only Swiss in “Wetten, dass..?”

“Bet, huh..?” is back. Apart from Michelle Hunziker, however, there is no Swiss woman participating in the Saturday evening show. Blick asked SRF.


It’s back together: Michelle Hunziker and Thomas Gottschalk lead together through “Wetten, dass…?”.


Remo BurnettEditor of People

It’s betting again! After last year’s success in the ratings, Thomas Gottschalk (72) invites you again to “Wetten, dass ..?” A. Michelle Hunziker (45) leads the evening alongside the cult presenter as usual. Spicy: She is the only Swiss representative on the big Saturday night show. Because although the SRF pays around 100,000 francs for the broadcast rights, there are neither Swiss punters nor Swiss guests.

Marco Krämer, responsible producer of SRF, explains to Blick: “It is in the nature of things that co-production cannot have the same amount of Swissness in every issue.” In addition, ZDF, which plans and produces the program, has editorial sovereignty.

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