Best Insurance Companies in UK 2022

Best Insurance Companies in UK 2022

There are many insurance companies to choose from, but a quick overview of the top five will give you a good idea of which is best for you. If you’re looking for car insurance or home insurance, you can start by considering Dial Direct. Their policies come with a variety of benefits and features to help you choose a comprehensive insurance product. In addition to their low prices, they offer great customer service. Listed below are the top five insurance companies in the UK by customer satisfaction.


Ageas is the largest home and car insurer in the UK, protecting over five million customers. The company offers insurance policies directly or through price comparison websites, brokers, or partner organisations. The company is a leader in reducing the costs of insurance while meeting customer expectations. The company focuses on simplifying the process of insuring homes and cars. The company understands that everyone’s needs and expectations are different and tailors its policies to meet them.

Ageas is committed to creating a greener world through its partnerships. The company’s green parts programme is highly regarded, and twenty to twenty percent of all repairs are now green. One in five of these parts comes from salvage supplies owned by the company. Ageas and the British Automobile Association recently launched a campaign to make UK roads safer. The company has recently launched the latest crash risk mapping report.

Founded in 1932, Direct Line Group has several brands, products, and distribution channels that span the United Kingdom. Its insurance policies offer various coverage options, including guaranteed hire car, onward travel, and fair claims commitment. Ageas is one of the best insurance companies in UK 2022. Its reputation for fairness, customer service, and value for money has earned it the top spot.

The company is also focused on AI integration into the claims process. In a recent report, Ageas has significantly shortened the time it takes to approve a policy request from two to three hours to just a few minutes. Additionally, it is available to all customers at any time. Ageas has one of the highest Trustpilot ratings of any insurance company. The company currently insures 3.9 million personal motor customers in the UK.


In the first quarter of 2022, Aviva reported a 5% increase in its GWP, which is more than the year-ago period. This is largely attributable to higher commercial sales and retention in the UK, which was boosted by storms and stormy weather. The company also reported a 2% increase in UK GWP in the personal lines category.

The group is aiming to increase policy retention across its home and motor books. The FCA’s new pricing rules came into force in January this year and Aviva has been seeing a gradual increase in claims inflation. The company believes that this will continue into 2022 and has put measures in place to combat the ramifications of inflation through underwriting and swift pricing. Aviva’s chief executive, meanwhile, said that the company’s business mix is working well and it is on track to meet its financial targets.

The company offers a range of cover options, including acute conditions and short-term illness. In addition to this, it also offers cancer cover, including diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. In addition, it also includes an online health assessment, which helps you get informed about the health metrics that matter most to you. Moreover, Aviva offers PS10,000 in advance to family members, who are in need of money to pay funeral expenses.

Vitality, which was formerly known as PruHealth, offers discounts and rewards for health and fitness. The company’s marketing campaigns have been fronted by Jessica Ennis-Hill. Bupa, the health insurance giant, was founded two years before the National Health Service. They own many hospitals and care homes and provide both private and public care. Aviva, the former Norwich Union, was the biggest insurer in the UK. With a 300-year history, the insurance company has been involved in the claims of millions of customers worldwide.

Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct’s focus on customer experience has contributed to an increase in satisfaction and trust, while the redesign of its website also enhanced transparency and confidence. In line with these insights, Hastings Direct has launched a new brand platform and campaign that positions the company as a distinct digital first brand. The campaign is live across multiple channels, including TV, online, print, and radio.

As a company, Hastings Direct offers three comprehensive car insurance policies: YouDrive, SmartMiles, and Multi-Car. The YouDrive telematics policy allows customers to track their driving through an app, generating an accurate price based on their driving habits. The Multi-Car insurance option provides cover for all cars registered at the same address. For additional savings, policyholders can add as many cars as they wish. EU cover is also available, with up to ninety days per trip.

Hastings Direct is a leading car insurance company, with over 3.1 million live motor insurance policies. Hastings offers car insurance policies in different tiers, including Essential, Standard, and Premier. Customers can also choose from three other types of cover, such as multi-car, student, and home. The company is widely regarded for providing good value for money and excellent customer service.

The Direct Line Group consists of several brands and distribution channels. Their car insurance policies offer various features, including guaranteed hire car, onward travel, and fair claim commitment. Admiral is another UK-based insurance company that has leapfrogged the other companies in the list. The company scored 9.1 from customer reviews and has jumped from 10th to second place. Customers rate its policies for ease of purchase, clear policy information, and value for money.

NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual is a leading provider of insurance and financial services in the UK. With over 3,800 employees and over 300 agency offices, the company underwrites PS1.5 billion in insurance lines every year. Customers value face-to-face meetings, which is why the company has adopted Logitech Room Solutions. Using a Logitech Room Solution, NFU Mutual can continue to provide personal service and attention to detail to its clients.

When comparing different insurance companies, go for a company that has been rated as a five-star by the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Conduct Authority. A five-star rating reflects a good customer experience and lower fees and excesses. The Financial Ombudsman Service has helped people resolve complaints with insurers, but raw complaint figures cannot tell you a lot about a company’s quality.

In Which?’s latest research, NFU Mutual came out on top in overall results. It was the only company to offer a single-item cover limit of PS7,500 – higher than the PS2,000 cap on most other policies. Unlike many other insurers, NFU Mutual is the only company that received a perfect score from customers. It is also one of the best insurance companies in UK 2022.

Direct Line is the most popular insurer in the UK, with nearly half of all its gross written premiums coming from the car insurance sector. Direct Line has a low number of reviews on Trustpilot, but the company has a four-star rating from Smart Money People. Its home insurance offers unlimited buildings cover, which pays for repairs to your home, replacement costs of your furnishings, and up to PS50,000 in alternative accommodation.

Direct Line

Direct Line is the second largest motor insurer in the UK and ranked second in 2022, selling PS1,730 million in gross motor insurance premiums. Its brands Churchill, Darwin and AA all command 10.8% of the market. Its business model is based on direct marketing and online price comparisons. The company lost 2.2% of customers last year. Aviva, which was third in 2021, grew 1.5% and took over 10.5% of the market.

Direct Line has a good reputation for its customer service, having been awarded a Silver Ribbon by Fairer Finance. The company performs well on user review sites, receiving a 4.3 score on Trustpilot. In fact, 64% of its customers rate its service as excellent or good. If you’re looking for the lowest annual premiums, Direct Line is worth considering. But remember that you have to be prepared to give up a lot of features and options, especially if you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance policy. Premium insurers may have more features and services.

Smaller companies are also difficult to judge for financial stability. They may be better for those who value personal service. However, if you’re comfortable with their financial position, you can always go for a large company. Here’s a list of the ten largest UK car insurance companies. The data comes from Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch. The Direct Line Insurance Company is one of the best insurance companies in the UK 2022, according to NimbleFins.

NFU Mutual is a policyholder-owned company and is one of the best insurance companies in the UK. A portion of its profits is allocated to reducing premiums for existing members. This is called the Mutual Bonus. You can qualify for discounts based on your length of membership. The Mutual Bonus is worth considering. The Mutual Bonus is another way to save money on insurance. It is available on many policies.

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