Beizer will probably have to raise prices again

Swiss food establishments are also feeling the effects of inflation. They have already raised their prices – and are planning further increases.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Inflation has long since arrived in Switzerland.
  • Drinks and food are becoming more expensive – catering establishments are also feeling it.
  • You have already raised some prices and are planning to raise more.

The purchase of everyday goods is slowly getting more expensive in Switzerland. You can also see it in pubs: Due to inflation, establishments have increased prices for menus and drinks.

For example, Michel Gygax, managing director of KG Gastrokultur GmbH in Köniz BE: “Yes, inflation worries me,” answers a question from “Like everyone else, we have to raise our prices. However, we try to do it as mildly as possible.’

He cannot give specific numbers. Because: You have to look at each case individually – it always depends on the specific company. His company operates a total of five restaurants in and around Bern.

But what Gygax confirms: “We have already adjusted the prices for some offers. There should also be other modest premiums.”

The menu costs 50 cents more

Among other things, the restaurateur notices inflation particularly strongly in meat, vegetables, coffee, beer and wine. “We don’t work with industry, so we look directly at individual manufacturers,” he explains.

“If a small winery produces, for example, a few thousand bottles of wine, it has to quickly raise prices. Then the bottle can be two francs more expensive.”

Irene Baumann of «Rössli» in Flawil SG paints a similar picture. “We have already raised prices and may have to do it again,” says But it’s only a slight increase: “On average, we’re talking about 50 cents per menu.”

Cooking oil twice as expensive due to inflation

Baumann notices inflation when buying. “Frying oil has seen a price increase of 100 percent in some cases,” he reports. There is also an increasing number of goods that are not available or are only available with long waiting periods. For example, mustard or toasts are affected.

The restaurateur is also struggling with rising energy costs: “In the future, the entire supply of heating and lighting will be a big challenge.”

Do you still go to the pub even though the menu prices are higher?

Currently, the Tibits restaurant chain with eleven restaurants throughout Switzerland is also on the course. When asked, said: “We are still in the middle of the evaluation process when it comes to the effects of inflation on the purchase of goods.” That’s why he doesn’t want to comment on it specifically at the moment.

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