Beatrice Egli with an important message to her fans

Again and again Beatrice Egli is criticized for her appearance. Now the musician is defending herself against body shaming – and appealing to her fans.

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“Too much ass, too much skin, do you always let yourself go like that?” Béatrice Egli begins her last post on Instagram. These are not his own words, just an example of what the musician should listen to every day. With this post, the singer wants to draw attention to a subject close to her heart: body shaming.

“Do you also know such hurtful comments?” the 33-year-old asks her nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram. The first comments quickly accumulate under the post. “I know it too well, but now it no longer interests me”, writes for example a user. “Comments like this are regular, but I don’t care about these comments,” another commented. Another follower says, “It’s just envy.”

In an interview with t-online, Beatrice Egli once said: “I’m lucky to stay true to who I am. I don’t have to wear size XS anymore, I don’t mind that I don’t fit in there.” Although she feels comfortable herself, the Swiss is repeatedly criticized for her looks – and she’s not the only one. Cathy Hummels or Sophia Thiel must also defend themselves regularly.

Beatrice Egli has been doing this for years. “I did the first really dramatic moments when I was 18,” she said in an interview with RTL last year. Now she doesn’t care about comments. “I love myself as I am, no matter what others say.”

The musician wishes the same to her fans. “Let’s get up together and show the world how unique each of us is!” she told her followers. For this reason, the Swiss has now released a new song – “It doesn’t matter”.

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