Beatrice Egli: She won’t stop on tour in Switzerland

No shows in Switzerland

Beatrice Egli excites her fans with a new tour

It’s not good everywhere: Schlager star Beatrice Egli announces the dates and venues of her upcoming tour on Instagram – Switzerland is left empty, fans in the country express their displeasure.


Pop singer Beatrice Egli has announced the venues and dates of her next tour on Instagram.

Beatrice Egli (34) is one of the most recognized stars not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany. In addition to her “Beatrice Egli Show”, it was announced a few days ago that the Swiss will host the New Year’s party on ZDF together with comedian B├╝lent Ceylan (46). And there’s more: Yesterday, the singer also announced the dates and locations of her tour, which is scheduled to begin in Munich in October 2023. Notable: Egli will not stop in her native country.

While their fans in Germany are happy with the eight shows announced so far, many Swiss are venting their frustration on social media. Because no concert is planned in her home country. “None in Switzerland – so I can’t come to anyone,” writes one user, for example. And another: “But despite the ‘full risk’: Please don’t forget us in Switzerland!” Fans from Austria are also complaining that Egli doesn’t have any dates there yet. It is not yet known whether the list of tour locations will be expanded. (read)

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