“Battle of the Reality Stars” | Review for vegan Tessa: “Defend my values”

The first episode of “Battle of the Reality Stars” and already there are conflicts. GNTM star Tessa Bergmeier is polarizing over her diet. She now comments on the behavior of the rest of the group on Instagram.

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“Bauer sucht Frau” star Schäfer Heinrich, ex-GNTM candidate Tessa Bergmeier, “Berlin – Day & Night” actor Jan Leyk, “It-Girl” Nina Kristin, TV detective Sharon Trovato, reality TV stars Elena Miras and Yasin Mohamed and “Richter Merciless” Ronald Schill are the first celebrities on “Battle of the Reality Stars.” Conflicts arise quickly.

Tessa’s veganism is too eccentric for the stars

The climbing potential quickly crystallizes around Tessa Bergmeier. At GNTM, the model has been called a “bitch” and the rest of the group doesn’t seem to be making any attempt to give her an unbiased chance.

The tensions between Tessa Bergmeier and Elena Miras are felt from the start. According to his own statement, Miras feels ignored by Bergmeier’s arrival. “I really wish her a lot of fun here in the house, because it will not be pleasant for her,” she threatened directly in the interview.

While eating, Bergmeier finally declares that he lives vegan – and thus causes horror among the other celebrities. Schäfer Heinrich even sees his livelihood in danger. You can’t live on wool alone and the price of wool is going down anyway. At the latest when Tessa announces that she doesn’t want to kiss a meat eater, Jan Leyk has too much. He criticizes Tessa in a one-on-one interview for being unable to criticize, without letting her speak.

Bergmeier is not alone: ​​the second-hand television dealer Mauro Corradino, who joins the Katzenberger mother later in the episode, has taken a liking to her, with Ronald Schill, he forms “Team Tessa”, while ‘Elena Miras and Jan Leyk are clearly against the model.

Tessa Bergmeier commented on Instagram about the behavior of other stars towards her. An image with the words “People will try to tell you who you are. Don’t believe that shit.” (English: People will try to tell you who you are. Don’t believe this bullshit.) She writes a long text.

“It gives me courage”

She knows that “another huge wave of hatred against me will follow”, but she thinks it’s no big deal. Because her children and her friends are behind her and her values. “It gives me courage.” Bergmeier is happy that there are “people who see things like me. I have always been my wife”, she underlines. It is out of the question that it “is degraded or defined by people”.

Bergmeier is self-satisfied, she advocates non-violent communication and explains: “Anyone who slaps me as an insult that I should seek help and do therapy because I am so sick”, she says . The 32-year-old is of the opinion that “everyone needs to talk and should go to therapy. However, using it as an insult is really superfluous, it’s not.”

“If some could express love as hate”

The model clarifies it once and for all: “I will continue to defend my values ​​and for a little more love for you and for me, for more tolerance, an education on a human level, anti-racism, feminism, mental health awareness, climate protection and veganism. Because I ‘burn’ for it and because I love doing it.” Bergmeier ends her message with the words: “If some could express LOVE as easily as hate…” She receives a lot of encouragement from his followers on Instagram.

Miras has yet to comment on the first episode scandal. Jan Leyk posted a photo of himself before the show. He cynically writes: “Can I persuade Tessa to drink a glass of sausage water?” According to a report by the “Berliner Kurier”, the reality TV star is constantly denouncing people who eat vegan.

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