Bali summit: Lavrov leaves G-20 talks before end – but there is a joint statement


Summit in Bali Lavrov leaves the G-20 meeting early – but there is a joint statement

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov represented President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Bali. He must have heard a lot of criticism.

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On the morning of November 15, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived as one of the last guests for the opening of the G20 summit on the Indonesian island of Bali.


He was warmly welcomed.

He was warmly welcomed.


Because of Russia's war against Ukraine, the eyes of the meeting of the 20 leading industrialized and developing countries were mainly focused on Lavrov, who attended in place of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin.

Because of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the eyes of the meeting of the 20 leading industrialized and developing countries were mainly focused on Lavrov, who attended in place of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin.


It’s about it

  • Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin is staying away from the G20 summit, sending his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, to Bali instead.

  • They have to listen to uncomfortable criticism of the Ukrainian war.

  • After a joint statement was reached, Russia’s top diplomat left.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov left the G20 summit on Tuesday before the end of the meeting and the official adoption of the final declaration. The plane with the Russian delegation departed from the Indonesian island of Bali in the evening. The meeting of 20 leading economic countries and developing countries ends on Wednesday.

There were some awkward moments for Lavrov at the meeting – the head of the Russian diplomat had to bite right at the beginning Criticism of the invasion of Moscow listen in Ukraine. “We have to end the war,” Indonesian summit host Joko Widodo said shortly before Lavrov with a warm smile and a slap on the arm. “If the war does not end, it will be difficult for the world to move forward.”

However, unlike the July meeting of foreign ministers in Bali, Sergey Lavrov did not avoid criticizing the war this time – he even stayed in the room during a long video speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In an emotional speech to the heads of state and government, the Ukrainian leader once again called for the withdrawal of Russian troops and the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

The statement also noted Russia’s views

But despite mutual accusations from Kiev and Moscow, negotiators from the 19 participating states and the EU agreed on a joint statement, all including Russia. Many expected this explanation to be fought to the last minute.

“The majority of members strongly condemned the war in Ukraine and emphasized that it has caused immense human suffering,” reads the draft of the final declaration, which is to be formally confirmed on Wednesday only by heads of state and government. The war is also blamed for rising inflation, slowing economic growth, and energy and food crises. This is almost in line with the wildest expectations of those Western heads of state and government who traveled to Bali with the aim of isolating Russia as much as possible at this summit.

The statement also says: “There were different opinions and different assessments of the situation and the sanctions.” It also refers to the United Nations resolution from early March. At the time, only 141 of the 193 UN members condemned the war.

Departure after work

Lavrov represented Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, who, according to the Kremlin, could not come to Bali due to time constraints. The top Russian diplomat had on Tuesday led numerous discussions and attended meetings. He also stated that the final statement is practically ready. So there is no need to stay longer.

According to Russian state television, the minister’s departure was already scheduled for Tuesday evening. No reason was given.

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