Balance sheet ranking of the 300 richest: billionaires hardly feel the crisis

“Balance sheet” ranking of billionaires

These are the ups and downs of the super rich of the year

It is a famous list, a “balance sheet” ranking of the 300 richest in Switzerland. Although the crisis has not done much for the super-rich, there are already interesting shifts.


The richest in Switzerland hardly feel the crisis.


Christian KolbeEditor Economics

Even Switzerland’s super-rich are feeling the pinch – sort of. The total wealth of Switzerland’s richest still stands at CHF 820.975 billion. The loss of assets amounts to 825 million francs and is spread over 300 very well-to-do arms, as can be seen from the “Bilanz” ranking of the “300 richest” in Switzerland.

Still notable: The small drop is the first since the 2008/09 financial crisis. And it is likely to repeat itself in the coming year as the signs in stock markets and the global economy are nothing but recovery.

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