Axpo is supposed to obtain uranium for nuclear power plants from Russia

Despite the war in Ukraine

Axpo is to acquire uranium for Swiss nuclear power plants from Russia

German documents are said to prove that Axpo is again importing fuel rods from Russia. The energy company is unclear. Environmental organizations are suing.


44 fuel cells were reportedly delivered for the Beznau nuclear power plant.


Patrick BergerEditor Economics

In an energy crisis, nuclear power plants suddenly become socially acceptable again for a large part of the population. The fear of a cold winter in the true sense of the word and a lack of energy that will cripple the economy is too great. Only: Nuclear power plants need fuel rods. They are made of uranium. And this one often comes from Russia.

After the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, the power company Axpo assured that it would no longer import uranium from Russia. As the “Tages-Anzeiger” reports, it now appears that this is not the case. Because the Russian ship is on its way to Europe. It is supposed to carry fuel rods on board. Environmental organizations assume so.

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